The Social Media Wall – Your Events Will Never Be The Same Again

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Social Media Walls displayed at events, with posts that are generated and monitored based on hashtag usage

 Social media has become a big part of increasing brand awareness and driving engagement between brands and their consumers. When used appropriately at events, it could result in increased engagements for brands, such as post shares, likes and followers based on which platform is being used. The use of a social media wall at events could have a ripple effect both online and in real time, based on several points.

First off, here’s how a social media wall works. In order to track tweets specifically for an event, a unique hashtag would be specified and used for the duration of the event. By creating a specific hashtag for the event, it allows attendees at the event to post live updates for their followers on social media to see. The best way to run a social media wall is by using software such as Branditise, which allows you to control the content being displayed and filter unfavourable posts, spam messages and other inappropriate content that may come as a result of the hashtag’s popularity. There are several benefits to having a social media wall that can garner positive results for individuals at the event and of course, the Brand.

Social media not only works to increase awareness for major brands but for smaller and personal brands as well. Where there is an opportunity for their posts to be seen by a large group of people at once, social media users are more likely to work harder at getting their posts in the mix. This will generate more uses of the hashtag and even more posts will be displayed on the wall. Also, with the use of incentives such as giveaways based on how often the hashtag is used, this will increase the use of it during the event. As a result, it’s an exciting way to engage users at the event, as well as gain promotion for the brand. The hashtag could end up trending nationally, which may result in free press in popular traditional media channels.


It can translate into online engagement between users at the event and their followers. The more the hashtag is used, the more followers will see it and possibly click to find out more. With more people clicking on the hashtag and viewing photos, videos and other posts related to the event, it’s likely that more people will become aware that there is an event going on and follow more closely. With the analytical features on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, it will allow brands to measure the engagements between users and the hashtag. It will then give an idea of how effective the hashtag was, which posts were most popular and the conversion to new followers, likes, retweets, etc. It also helps them to come up with new content for their pages based on what users are most interested in. This could also lead to additional attendees to their next event – people who may not have known about the event before or who are now interested based on what they had seen.

A social media wall is a unique and modern way to engage social media users and get them interested. It makes events more appealing and gives attendees something to look forward to. With changes to sites like Instagram, where posts will be arranged with what’s “best” appearing first, many posts will get lost and less engagements based on the popularity of the page. With the use of a hashtag, all posts can be located in one central place and viewed by more users. Overall, the social media wall is a building block for brands to improve their engagements and be seen as more appealing to their followers, all while providing useful information for their events.

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