‘Tech Charge’ with the right tools this summer!

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Branditise CEO Wayne Marsh (right) with TVJ Smile Jamaica hosts Neville Bell & Emprezz Golding

Every summer inspires new things — temperature change, events, fashion and so much more, but what many people don’t realise is that technology trends often come about in this season too. With this in mind, our CEO and founder Wayne Marsh recently appeared on TVJ’s Smile Jamaica morning programme to discuss what’s hot in summer technology for 2015. It was a great opportunity for us to highlight the ‘it’ trends and showcase our unique perspective in this area.

For those unfamiliar with Smile Jamaica, it runs as any other morning time TV show would, where guests are either featured in short, sweet interviews or they present concise exhibits on their specialty areas. In our segment, we gave a run through of how to ‘tech charge’ this summer and got such an overwhelming response that we decided to further explore it here on our blog.

Without further ado, here’s our summer hot list and interview complete with pointers for techies and fun-lovers alike.



Portable USB Charger – As the world continues to evolve, more things are happening on-the-go than ever before and technology is right up there with us. This is why the invention of portable USB chargers is brilliant as it allows us to stay connected – whether by camera, cell phone, music device or tablet. We don’t know about you, but we’re sure glad that need was met!

Selfie-stick - Branditise


Selfie Stick – Never has there been such a fast-moving phenomenon across the world as the ‘selfie’ (at least, we definitely think so). So much so that it is now a recognised word in the Oxford Dictionary, and the ‘selfie stick’ was created to help us all get even better snaps every time. Of course it’s hot for the summer, we think it will be for a long time too!


Bluetooth Speakers/Headsets – Music is a huge part of summer time and we all want to have fun and enhance our viewing/listening experience as much as possible on a budget. That formula was definitely considered in the making of these devices, so we completely understand why their popularity continues to grow.



Action Camera – (GoPro) / (GoPro) on a budget – Never miss a moment, no matter how extreme or where in the world you might be! That in itself is exciting, but when you combine it with the clarity and quality of the capture, these action cameras are a sure hit! The GoPro action camera is the most popular in its category but you can find cheaper ones by searching online for “action cameras”. Your smartphone can also be converted into a low budget “GoPro” like device with the addition of two devices – waterproofing and mounting.


Waterproofing Devices – As people get more adventurous and unique options for summer fun come into play, it is important to ensure that while you’re able to capture the moment in high quality, your device is also well protected. Waterproofing devices allow us all to capitalise on the new trend of underwater footage and prevent worrying when it rains, little wonder the market is clamouring for them.



Mounting Devices – Consider all the photo and video opportunities occurring over the summer and how important it is to nab the right image and produce clear footage. What better way to ensure this than to use a mounting device for stability of our camera or cellphone? We suspect these handy items will be in high demand way after summer time ends!


Live Streaming Apps – technology is developing at a rapid pace and one of the best ways to keep up and provide information to your friends and fans is to live stream your event. It allows you to establish your credibility as a thought leader/influencer, and them to be involved with you/your brand, stay abreast of what you’re doing and give their input, all at the same time!



Periscope – With this app you can stream your event live directly to your followers on Twitter, allowing them to instantly join in the conversation. One setback is that it isn’t as widely used in our region as yet (i.e. Jamaica/Caribbean) and as such your community of viewers is somewhat limited.



Meerkat – This app also allows you to stream your event live directly to Twitter for instant follower interaction. It is also not as common in our region but is growing more popular over time.




Branditise Social Media Wall – Want to put a cool and fun spin on live event coverage? Try this tool! It allows you to bring your online community to your offline events and enables your community to not only interact with your brand and hashtag online, but to actually see the interaction as it expands. You will also benefit from the extended reach of your community’s network. You can even track the conversation growth on Twitter and Instagram as the analytics are generated in real time for you to harness and benefit from.



Watch the full Smile Jamaica TVJ interview here:


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