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    Introducing: Instagram Stories

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    Instagram recently launched a new feature called Stories, which allows users to post a slideshow of photos and videos on their pages that lasts 24 hours at a time. Similar to Snapchat’s story feature, it lets you get creative with (for example) text and stickers. Instagram launches “Stories,” a Snapchatty feature for imperfect sharing

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    How To Use Snapchat To Market Your Brand

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    Social media users spend a LOT of time on Snapchat. Whether it’s sending silly pictures and videos to their friends, keeping up with celebrities and their everyday lives, updating the world on the latest event they’re attending – whatever it is, Snapchat is getting millions of views a day. More brands are picking up on…

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    Why You Need A Digital POEM Strategy

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    With the growing popularity of digital media channels, creating your own channels to promote your brand’s products and services can be quite effective. Whether it’s a blog, website, email marketing, Facebook page, etc., this is a way for you to communicate with your community and track your progress over time. While this is good for…

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    The Social Media Wall – Your Events Will Never Be The Same Again

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     Social media has become a big part of increasing brand awareness and driving engagement between brands and their consumers. When used appropriately at events, it could result in increased engagements for brands, such as post shares, likes and followers based on which platform is being used. The use of a social media wall at events…

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    6 great tips for creating effective social media images

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    With the prevalence of everything Internet and rapid evolution of online-based communities in recent years, everything is about content these days. Businesses across the world have logged on to this growing trend to reach their clients and potential consumers, so the digital marketplace is now way more important than it was say 10 years ago….

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    What is the #1 Thing Research says You Need for Digital Marketing Success in 2015?

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    If you’re a business owner, you’re probably feeling more apprehensive than ever before about the returns you’re getting from your Digital Marketing investment. If you’re a marketer, you’re probably feeling the pressure to prove the worth of your Digital Marketing programme. As a business owner, how do you get that measure of comfort? If you’re…


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