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Each time I do a product demonstration of Branditise™.com, I almost always get the same comment – “I thought it was a foreign company”. On one hand, it can be taken as a compliment because the local consensus is that imported technology is better than Jamaican technology. On the other hand, it is unfortunate that that consensus still exists.

Nevertheless, we are certain that we have created an essential and easy to use Digital Media marketing product. Our cloud-based solution allows brands to painlessly use digital media channels to grow their businesses. The Branditise.com solution starts with the critical component that most business owners often ignore – a strategic plan. The system allows you to generate a comprehensive Digital Media marketing plan in one day via the Strategy module. You subsequently use the integrated Messages and Reports module to seamlessly execute your plan and measure the results.

The top 10 companies in the 2013 Forbes top 100 list for the “Software & Programming” industry has 8 from the USA and 1 each from Germany and Spain. Further scrutiny reveals that there is no company from a Caribbean country listed in the emerging markets section. Branditise™ is ambitious enough to try to change this. In the Agricultural and Industrial revolutions it was difficult for smaller countries to compete and win for various reasons. Now in the current Information revolution, size is no longer a major factor so anyone can compete and win.

Caribbean countries, in particular Jamaica, have already proven that we have a large pool of talented persons from Usain Bolt and Shelly-Ann Fraser on the track to Tessanne Chin on the stage. Not to mention our bobsled 2014 Winter Olympic team about to relive the “Cool Runnings” dream. There have also been a few Jamaican software companies that have done well locally and internationally, some ending up being acquired by large global companies. However, we need to start developing a lot more software products that will give us a better chance of eventually making that list of top 100 global software companies.

eBusiness Solutions Limited is the creator and owner of Branditise.com. We originally launched the product as eBusinessSocial.com and recently re-branded to Branditise.com. Our goal is to have our product being used in local, regional and international markets. We know this is not an easy task but who said life was easy? We are up for it! We are going for gold, wish us luck on our journey.

About eBusiness Solutions Limited

eBusiness Solutions Limited is a Jamaican company that was started in 2005 as an Internet Marketing business offering website development, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Pay Per Click (PPC) and other related Internet services. With the growth of social media usage, in 2007 eBusiness Solutions added Social Media Optimisation (SMO) to the list of services offered. Branditise™ is the result of the experience garnered while working with clients in solving their digital marketing needs. The system is designed so that business owners can seamlessly benefit from digital media channels without being distracted from their core business. http://www.branditise.com – “Branditise, don’t just advertise”

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