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We are proud to announce that we are changing our product name from eBusinessSocial™ to Branditise™.

We started out with the goal of developing a product that would allow business owners to successfully use digital media as a marketing channel. This led to the creation of eBusinessSocial™ which allowed marketers to manage and monitor their social media accounts from one location.

As we introduced the product to the market we realised that although we had a great tool that allowed business owners to easily administer their digital media channels there was still a problem. That is, most brands are not used to managing their own media channels. The practice has always been to rent advertising space on other businesses’ media channels such as TV, radio and print media.

Owners of traditional media channels have always been the ones to publish content that was relevant and engaging to their target market. A business owner would simply find the channel and audience that best suited their product and publish a fitting ad. Typically, channel owners published relevant, customer-centric content and business owners published relevant product-centric. Now business owners have their own channels but they are still producing product-centric content instead of customer-centric content. Who wants to engage with a channel that produces only ads?

We decided to dig deeper to find a solution that would allow brands to not only manage and monitor their digital channels but to also produce relevant and engaging customer-centric content. To do this, brands first need to clearly define their online goals, target market and content framework before starting to manage and monitor. In essence, brands need a Digital Media marketing strategy before starting to execute and measure. The resulting solution is Branditise™, our cloud-based solution that embodies the main pillars for digital media marketing success – Strategy, Execution and Measurement.

To achieve Digital Media marketing success, business owners must now begin to create engaging brand related customer-centric instead of product-centric content. They must begin to Branditise™, not just advertise!

We hope you find an invaluable solution for your business. Please follow us on our digital media channels to receive meaningful information and helpful tips about the Digital Marketing industry.


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